Non-QM, DSCR and Hard Money

Non-QM, DSCR and Hard Money are products designed for home buyers and real estate investors that can’t always meet the criteria of a traditional mortgage such as a conventional, FHA or VA.

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Non-QM mortgages are often used by self-employed business owners with tax write-offs that offset their earnings each year, making it difficult to qualify for a conventional or government-backed mortgage.

Hard Money or “Private Money” are usually offered by private investors and are designed to provide a short-term bridge loan that is collateralized by real estate.

DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) loans allow borrowers to qualify based solely on the cash flow or projected cash flow generated from an investment property.

Choice Home Mortgage specializes in loans for real estate investors and self-employed borrowers.

We have extensive experience with Non-QM, DSCR, hard money and real estate investor loans. 

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