No Income Real Estate Investment Loans

These no-income loans are designed for real estate investors.

Here is how it works.

We can use either your current rental income or the market-rate rental income for the property.

✅ Credit score over 620

✅ Loan to value up to  80%

✅ Rental income to qualify

No tax returns, W2s, or pay stubs are needed!

That’s it, quick approval and fast processing times.

  • Investment Purchases using 1007/Comparable Rent Schedule for income
  • Rate and term refinance (get rid of that high-interest hard money loan)
  • Cash-out refinance (use the money for your next investment)

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No Income Real Estate Investment Loans

No Income Real Estate Investment Loans


Loan Amounts $200,000 – 3M+
Fico Score 620+
LTV < 80%
Income Rental Income to Qualify (No W2s, Tax Returns, Pay Stubs, etc.)
Rates 3.5%-6%
Pre-Pay Penalty Flexible 0-5 Years

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